Games Room & Clubs

The Games room is a gaming space for all the clubs held in store.


There is a different club each week but we still allow use of table space permitting for other games.

Tuesday:        MTG Commander Night / Open table hire
Wednesday:  Star Wars Destiny / MTG Modern
Thursday:      Trading Card Games ( Yugioh, Pokemon, Vanguard)
Friday:           Magic The Gathering FNM / Open table hire
Saturday:      Board Games Club
Sunday:         Open table hire.

Clubs start from 14:00-21:00*


                                                              Table Hire:

Table hire is £4 per person from opening until close. Please be advised that clubs have an increased entry if you are taking part in any prize supported event.

We have a growing games library where you can try before you buy.  😉

Any questions please ask




We also have a room called the Tindal Suite. it is a mall private room sits between 5-10 people great for private gaming. At present it is used by our instore RPG groups. The Tindal Suite is available to book out but you must arrange a slot. we charge a little extra for use of this room due to demand.

Tindal Suite is £5 per person for the entire booked slot.



*Opening times for Boardgames club is 11am till 6pm.