Kingdom Death Monster Blog Lantern Year 2

Kingdom Death Monster Blog Lantern Year 2

**Before we continue our story please be advised this is going to contain spoilers for the game Kingdom Death Monster**


Now that you have been warned… Let’s Hunt!


The Survivors are ready to go on the next hunt.  They plan to hunt yet another Great White Lion and gain resources for the settlement. Alf gathers everyone at the entrance to the village and makes sure they are ready to leave. Henry, Jane and Leela are ready for the journey ahead and they begin to head out. They hear someone shouting “wait up”. They turn to look and see: it is Brimble, a young survivor who is taking Fingal’s place on the hunt. The others wait and Brimble finally catches up and they head out.

As they journey, constantly on the look out for danger, they keep Brimble in the middle of the group as he is not as experienced as the other members of the party. The journey goes on and the party decide to rest up. Whilst resting, a low whining noise becomes noticeable. Brimble, curious and naive, decides to investigate. In amongst a small gathering of bushes is a White Lion Cub just lying there pining, as if calling for its mother. Alf decides that it would be best to slay the cub out of mercy and so as not to attract the mother, as they want the element of surprise. The cub is not slain in vain as they skin the cub and gather resources from the carcass.

Once they have rested up and gathered resources, they soldier on with the hunt ahead. Suddenly there is a loud BELLOW. It comes from something that sounds bigger than the White Lion. They spot a titanic monster in the distance and the party freezes, hoping the Titan will pass and not notice them. Brimble, still inexperienced, is overcome with fear and tries to run for some hedges and the titanic beast spots him, swoops down and grabs Brimble and begins to try and eat him. Strange though: as soon as Brimble lands on the Titan’s tongue, it seems displeased and spits Brimble out. Brimble hurtles to the ground and takes some light damage to his waist, torso and feet. The Titan realises nothing tasty is here and moves on.  The party helps Brimble up and tends to his wounds then decide they need to move quicker and get the hunt over, as every step seems to bring new treacherous danger.

They tread on in search of a White Lion. As they wander, they come across some stone pillars and suddenly they hear a loud boom. Fearing it is the Titan returned to have another taste, they freeze then take cover amongst the stone pillars. The ground begins to rumble beneath them and they stay hidden but there is no sight of the Titan. The ground begins moving and before they know it they are moving up and rising into the air. Henry cries out “we are on its back!” The survivors find themselves on the back of a massive Titan but this one seems not at all aggressive like the last one. Unsure, they decide to climb to the top thinking it will be safer. Once they reach the top they come across a most amazing sight. In the distance they can see their prey, the Great White Lion. They decide they will ride the Titan to the lion’s location just up ahead, but suddenly the Titan descends and settles again. The survivors hop off and Brimble finds himself a founding stone and picks it up, as you never know what might become handy.


Having spotted the lion from atop the Titan, they now know where their prey is and have the element of surprise. They are able to catch up to the Lion without being spotted and ambush it, catching it off guard.

Right away Alf takes no prisoners and hurls a founding stone at the beast, severing its tail. The beast takes a stumble and seems like it has not got quite the same footing. Leela and Jane both make attempts to hit the lion but don’t land any blows. The lion however takes a swipe back, landing a claw across Jane’s torso but the injury is only minor. Jane tries to taunt the lion toward her but the beast is not swayed. So Brimble does not hesitate to take the founding stone he gathered earlier and launch it right at the beast. The throw is low but true, catching the Lion’s heel and rupturing the tendon causing the beast to collapse in pain. Leela takes a few more swings, connecting some minor blows to the beast’s groin, then its deltoid. This angers the beast and it grabs the nearest survivor – which happens to be Alf. The Lion slams Alf with its massive paws, damaging Alf’s left foot and hurting his waist. The beast then scurries back and licks its wounds. Henry, not wanting to miss out on the beast’s weakened state, chases it and hacks away with his founding stone, critically injuring the beast’s underbelly, cutting it open and the intestines start to fall out… but the beast uses one of its paws to push them back in. Brimble, wanting to show he is more than just an inexperienced burden, runs at the beast and slams it in the face with the stone, ripping the bottom jaw from the Lion. It begins to spew bile and blood. Having taken such brutal attacks the beast, enraged, gets up and charges Brimble, launching him backwards. Alf sees  the beast is focused on Brimble and takes his chance to strike, landing a vicious blow to its head and knocking it to the ground.  Leela also takes a swing, connecting a minor blow to the beast’s chest.

The survivors all back off and try to collect themselves. Jane has a different idea and begins to creep up behind the beast but it cannot seem to locate anyone in its injured state and merely sniffs around. Jane comes up behind it and stabs the beast in the femur causing a crippling injury which slows the animal down. Alf runs in and takes another swing, connecting with its groin and severs the testicles of the monster, causing it to roar in rage and anger. The White Lion has had enough and launches several attacks at Alf but he dodges and the attacks land on Jane, one of them so powerful it cuts her leg from her body  like a child snapping a twig from a tree. Jane screams in agony. Henry, not wanting to lose anyone and seeing the beast focused on Jane, charges head on and lands a blow to the monster’s one good knee. Critical Hit. That must have been the final straw, as the Great White Lion stumbles, falls to the ground and becomes silent and still.

Yet again the survivors have triumphed on the hunt but not all are happy, as Jane has lost her leg. The party tend to their wounds and harvest the White Lion before heading back to the village. Once back at the Settlement, they begin to use the new found resources to create new weapons and armour as the hunt is never ending.

Suddenly, in the distance, a storm begins to brew and all the survivors take shelter wherever they can as getting wet and cold will do no one any good. Good thing they do, as this storm brings with it a corrosive acidic rain that would melt the skin off.  Whilst the storm rages on there is a harrowing scream that begins to fill the air, tormenting the minds of all in the Settlement. There is no known reason for or location of this nightmarish screeching, until in the distance Leela spots some sort of creature making the noise and she tells everyone to stay silent. The strange creature stands there screaming as if it has a purpose, then suddenly it stops and runs off into the darkness. Just as the storm came bringing the screaming creature, the creature leaves taking the storm with it as if the two were somehow bonded.

Brimble decides he will be first to venture out and see if it is safe but, too busy looking at where the creature ran off, he stupidly trips over a small piece of scrap metal uncovered by the acid rain and falls, landing face first on a rock and shattering his jaw. Henry rushes to Brimble’s aid. Realising that it must be safe again, everyone begins to emerge and Henry and Leela tend to Brimble. Alf goes and helps the other villagers begin construction on the Catarium to refine the parts harvested from the Great White Lion. Whilst this is going on, Fingal spots Jane propped up against a rock and realises that his pondering of life can help him give life meaning and purpose. Jane has the look of a person with no meaning. Fingal talks to her and she explains she thinks she will be a burden to the others.  While Fingal talks with Jane and realises that her role could be bearing children, allowing her to pass down her wisdom and experience and help develop the minds of the young.   Jane and Fingal talk at great length  about children, life and purpose… but it doesn’t seem to be going well. Suddenly Fingal’s face becomes pale, likewise does Jane’s. They seem to have lost all reason and thought and Fingal stands. He helps Jane up and they stare at each other, nod, and begin to walk off into the darkness. Whatever did they say to each other..?

Unusually they are not missed yet as the village is rejoicing at the first birth. Elera and Bobby have given birth to a son called Kr’re. The village decide that the best way forward is to give care and protection to the young and help support the growth of the village. Time passes but no one ever gives any thought to Fingal or Jane. The young boy  Kr’re grows to be a strong teenager, ready for life ahead.

What is this place where time moves so slow but life grows so quick, and the mind fleets on any thought or happening, no matter how big or small??????

A hunt is required. Who shall go? The party assembles, Brimble with his new katar and headdress made from the mane of the White Lion they harvested. Alf, who is now proficient in daggers and gained strength and a rawhide chest piece. Henry, just a skilled swordsman wielding a bone blade. Leela, who now wields a fine axe and is smothered in grease as she does not want to experience the grip of any monster. Finally Kr’re: he is young but wielding his bow and wearing a cat eye circlet, he hopes to follow in Brimble’s footsteps and show his worth.

Lantern Year 2


What will our survivors encounter next? Will everyone survive?


Author: Jason Wilson