Kingdom Death Monster Blog Lantern Year 3 & 4

Kingdom Death Monster Blog Lantern Year 3 & 4

**Before we continue our story please be advised this is going to contain spoilers for the game Kingdom Death Monster**




The five survivors have found a Great White Lion and start the battle, wearing it down a hit at a time. It is Kr’re’s first hunt and he eagerly fires his bow, with Leela watching and advising from within the tall grass. He wounds the lion, distracting it while Alf searches a corpse, taking a skull to work with on their return to the village. Similarly, Brimble has found a dead monster and, carefully poking it with his katars, gathers some pustules. Henry follows up Kr’re’s attack, wounding it with his bone blade. At this, the lion runs away and roars in anger. Alf and Leela stagger back from this horrendous noise, but it only drives Brimble into a frenzy. The monster charges at Henry and slashes, but Henry skilfully dodges, allowing Brimble to take advantage of the lion’s focus, stabbing out with his katars and wounding it. Kr’re fires off two more shots from his bow, but they go wide. Henry dashes behind the beast and clips its rear, causing it to charge Leela, who fights back, swinging her mighty axe.

The Great Lion turns and finds Brimble in his sights; the unnatural eyes stare the survivor down, and Brimble falls to the ground in fear at this terrible visage. The other survivors close in, though Kr’re keeps his distance, waiting for a clear shot. The lion swipes at Alf, who dodges, and Leela jumps in to bury her snapping teeth in the creature’s vulnerable fuzzy groin. Her brave attack is more successful than she could have hoped, ripping the lion open and spilling organs from its belly. Alf’s dagger flashes out and severs the beast’s tendon and finally the lion falters. It lashes out at Brimble, catching his foot and knocking him down. Henry stabs the outstretched paw, and in reaction, the lion hits Alf, who was standing a little too close to the wounded creature. Brimble scrambles upright, burying a katar deep in the lion’s straining neck and killing the proud monster. It falls and the relieved survivors assess their wounds and harvest all they can from their latest kill before heading back to the village.

Alf constructs a fearsome shining helm from the skull he scavenged, while Henry creates a protective rawhide suit, with enough skin left over for vests for Leela and Brimble. Later, as the whole village gathers around the fire, Alf tells the story of the great hunts he has been on, and Kr’re learns much from his elder.

But resources are used up so quickly and as the village passes into LANTERN YEAR 4, they know that they must once again risk their lives in another hunt.

The same team, having enjoyed their success, head out into the darkness again. They encounter a prowling lion, but stay hidden and watch its tactics, realising that being armed with more knowledge can only help them in the fight ahead. They see that it likes to pretend to sleep before ambushing prey who creep close to it, fighting them on the ground.

Brimble spots some scratches in the earth and decides to investigate: he finds some lion claws, but as Alf and Henry help to free the stuck bounty, they suffer crushed hands – not a great start considering the upcoming fight!

The survivors press onward and Kr’re encounters a massive Gregalope… The group chases it in the hope of an easy kill but it bolts, quickly outpacing the villagers, who sadly give up the chase and move on. Leela strides forward and something crunches beneath her foot. She lowers her lantern and sees that she has stepped on a discarded lantern; the loss of a potentially useful resource causes her to face the gravity of the village’s tenuous situation with full sanity.

In the next moment, they spot their quarry and Kr’re runs forward to scout out the terrain around the resting Great White Lion. Apparently unnoticed by the beast, the survivors take the opportunity to search for resources: Henry gathers a skull from a desiccated skeleton, while Alf finds a strange piece of iron which he tucks into the cloth at his waist. Brimble finds a spot in the long grass, insisting he is not hiding, just finding a good place for an ambush. Kr’re is impatient for battle and fires several arrows at the lion. These miss and but the lion is awoken and angry. Kr’re runs for the giant stone face and climbs it to get a safe vantage point for further shots – but the lion charges the monument and it shatters; Kr’re runs for safety in the long grass. Brimble and Alf race after the lion, but its sudden movement catches Leela out and her axe swing misses entirely. The survivors now find themselves too close to the giant beast and must fight for their lives: Brimble manages a critical slice to the lion’s tendon, while Leela’s axe buries itself in the beast’s groin. These grievous injuries slow it down as the others close in, and the lion sniffs at them. Brimble’s next attack fails, but Henry’s sword finds the creature’s neck. The furious lion runs and grabs Kr’re as he cowers in the grass, and drags him away. Henry tries to repeat his attack but only infuriates the lion further, and it drops Kr’re and lunges at Henry, who is grateful for his new rawhide suit, which provides protection from the beast’s claws.

Alf attacks from behind, slicing off the lion’s tail and taking it as a trophy. Brimble’s katars slice the creature’s deltoid and fracture its shoulder, as Leela jumps in to wound its tricep. Surely the lion must fall soon! But it is not yet ready to die – it bats Henry to the ground, but again the hardy survivor avoids damage. Young Kr’re is now back on his feet and firing arrows, but he sorely needs more practice, as they fly wide, narrowly missing the other survivors. The lion recoils and Brimble takes the opportunity to slice at its groin and side, his katars biting deep. Leela finds herself in a position to wound the lion’s jaw, while Henry swings his sword at its ear… but misses. Alf is knocked away in this scuffle and his attack is fruitless. The lion then aims for its tormentor, Brimble, who manages to dodge the suffering beast.

Leela now aims for one of the lion’s strange hands, inflicting a crushing wound, and Henry looks to follow up on this, but the beast anticipates his move and bites back. Alf thrusts his dagger at the lion and it rears back, knocking over Brimble, Leela and Henry. But Kr’re finally sends an arrow soaring true, pinning the lion’s misshapen hand to its head, and at this it stumbles to the ground and dies.

The survivors return triumphant to the village, bearing all they could scavenge from their mighty prey.

But all is not well. The villagers’ celebrations are cut short as one by one they are brought down by sickness: they cannot fight a plague with blades and bows. The herbal remedies offered by the village healer are no match for this illness and while Henry, Leela and others manage to fight it off and survive, village elder Alf, and young Kr’re are terribly weakened by this deadly plague.

Two other villagers have better news: Bobby and Elera are expecting a child, but the mother and baby both die during a difficult birth, and Bobby goes mad with grief.

The villagers are wary when a figure approaches their settlement: it is a strange hooded knight. But he takes pity on the suffering survivors, seeing their struggle and mourning, and teaches them the secret fighting art of the Mighty Strike, which they hope to use to great advantage on their next hunt.

The band of warriors prepare to leave the village to find resources. Even though Kr’re and Alf are not yet recovered from their sickness, they insist on joining the group as their experience and skills will undoubtedly be valuable. But as they leave the light of the village fire, a giant figure comes into view and stands blocking their path.

It is The Butcher, known for his many blades and cleavers… and bloodthirsty nature.

Willing, but weak, Alf throws his Founder’s Stone at the Butcher, striking the crown of  his head. Brimble dives in, inflicting three wounds that make the giant roar, but Brimble does not falter, until the Butcher backhands him, knocking to the ground and causing many wounds. Brimble’s blood now splatters the earth around him.

Henry’s sword swing misses, and the Butcher lunges for him – but also misses as Henry dodges away. Inspired, he encourages Brimble to get up, and Brimble now charges, energy surging through him, strengthening his arms to cause an immense six wounds around the Butcher’s body.

Kr’re, hanging back from the centre of the action, hurls his Founder’s Stone and hits the Butcher, following this with an arrow to the giant’s shoulder. This doesn’t slow the monster man, but only makes him angry: he turns and knocks down both Kr’re and Henry in his rage. Using this distraction, Alf sneaks in and stabs the Butcher’s evil face. This does stagger the huge man, who feels doubt for the first time. Seeing this, Brimble dashes in and slams his katars into the Butcher’s ribs, killing him stone dead.

The survivors rejoice, but the fight has taken a terrible toll on the group: the already weakened Alf and Kr’re have used up the last of their strength and cannot continue. They all return to the village, where Kr’re gasps out his dying tale of his experiences, hopes and dreams to the girl he has always secretly worshipped, Verka. He begs Verka to take his bow and use it well; she promises she will. She is, after all, something of a thrill seeker. Verka also visits Alf, accompanied by her friend, Alf’s daughter Svarta, and together they hear the great tale of his life. Svarta vows to take up Alf’s dagger and helm and continue the warrior line.

Despite the survivor’s hopes and the best care, the village must mourn two more victorious heroes. But the fight for the village’s survival will go on.



Author: Dr Leila Eadie – https://twitter.com/Leila3R