Kingdom Death Monster Blog Lantern Year 5

Kingdom Death Monster Blog Lantern Year 5

**Before we continue our story please be advised this is going to contain spoilers for the game Kingdom Death Monster**



The villagers have heard there is a screaming antelope nearby! A hunting party, now made up of Brimble the Butcher-Slayer, Rawhide Henry, Leela, Verka, and the late Alf’s daughter Svarta, sets off to track it down. But this is a wily antelope and having spotted the group, it swiftly runs off into the distance. The survivors prepare for a long hunt and trudge after it.

They reach a river that is as red as blood. They wonder if it might in fact be blood… Svarta reaches a hand in to investigate, while Henry decides to jump straight in for a closer look. The liquid is bad news and where it bubbles around the survivors’ skin, they are burned by its strange texture: Svarta’s hand, Henry’s waist, and Brimble’s foot where he is splashed; are all damaged.

Shaken, they continue, Leela finding the antelope’s trail. Verka slips as she goes to join the others and her hand slides into the blood river as she tries to stand; she too sustains an injury. But they continue and are closing in on the antelope when it becomes spooked by their presence and stampedes towards them! The survivors take cover and it passes by, leaving them in a cloud of gritty dust.

Amidst this dust they hear a cry. They call out and search until they find a young girl. Taking pity on her, they share their provisions and are astonished when the girl starts to emit a mystic glow which grows to encompass them all. When this dies away they are left alone, but feeling refreshed, all their injuries healed.

The group moves on, finding an eerie area of crushed and broken lanterns, but are distracted by seeing the antelope just ahead – they have it cornered.

It is grazing on the acanthus plants that dot the ground in the field. Brimble dashes straight in with his katars, wounding the beast, but the antelope then charges at him, trampling him to the ground. In the mean time, Svarta takes the opportunity to gather some fresh acanthus for the group, and Verka finds a lonely ant in a bug patch.

Henry draws the antelope away from Brimble, who is lying winded on the ground. He and Svarta both get a good hit in, but they can’t get out of the way quickly enough as the antelope escapes toward Leela, the gaping maw on its belly wide and hungry. Leela dodges out of the way, and the hunters cheer and encourage each other, facing the fight with renewed enthusiasm.

Brimble attacks the creature, wounding it, and the sight of the blood drives him into a frenzy and he scores another two vital hits. Henry’s strike is less successful and the antelope retaliates, attacking everyone close to it, but luckily no-one suffers any serious damage.

Leela’s assault falls short, but provides enough distraction to allow Verka to make a critical hit on the beast’s underbelly. The antelope’s reaction is to trample Brimble to get to Leela, who suffers damage as its horns scrape past her waist. However, as is rushes past Brimble, he manages to wound its rump. Henry jumps in, also managing to hit it – but it responds by kicking out behind it at Leela, who seems to be its favourite target.

Meanwhile, Verka thinks she’s found something interesting in a nearby rock, but she screams and falls back as it turns out to be a toothy creature which bites her. She finds herself near the antelope and stabs out at it, but the beast fights back as the others close in. Only Leela keeps her distance, climbing a tree for safety – but she becomes tangled in it. But the fight is almost over: Brimble’s katars flash as they bury themselves in the antelope’s giant mouth, and it drops to the ground, defeated.

The victorious hunters return to their village with the spoils of their hunt and everyone celebrates. In their absence, the scholars have been working: considering the heat they feel coming from their lanterns, they have built the first oven, a technological step forward. This becomes a leap forward as they apply the same technology to create a weapon-smith in the hopes of improving the equipment the hunters take out into their battles. More mystical is the new training regime: the survivors will learn in their sleep, letting their nightmares put them through their paces.

Finally, there is good news as the village grows: Bobby and Rey have two babies, who they name Flimbo and Elise. This will stand the group in good stead for the future, because who knows what lies ahead..?


Author: Leila Eadie