Kingdom Death Monster Blog Lantern Year 1

One by one we fall…….

It starts with the Great White Lion decapitating Grogar then moving on to Lexi and ripping her arms off. Lexi lies there fading into the darkness staring at her arms several feet from her body. This leaves Lance, Daisy and Barnaby. Try as they might it just is not enough and they begin to fall one by one. Lance has his head stamped on and it explodes. Barnaby Runs at the white lion and tries to swing at it with a broken stone. The lion is displeased and turns and swipes at Barnaby so hard his head explodes into a mist of Blood and viscera. Finally that leaves Daisy. She is agile and smart and manages to keep dancing around the white lion taking random jabs. This seems to be doing the job but it just does not cut it, and the lion again creates another shower of blood from poor Daisy’s head. All party memebers sit back and take in the amazing moment that is an entire party being wiped out meaning that no food or resources are taken back to the last survivor in the settelment leading to the ultimate demise of the village. Back to the Start.


With that we take note off the dead as we wish to keep a list of our fallen.The game is reset back to the first encounter. Five fresh faced Survivors awaken, Frightened. They know nothing of what has happened, where they are or how they got there.  What they do know is they are the only other people they can see and have nothing but loin cloth to cover them. In the Distance they spot a Great White Lion with a beautiful mane. As it approaches they notice that it’s paws that look more like massive hands with sharp claws covered in blood. Everyone scrambles to their feet  and fumble in the dim light for some sort of weapon to defend themselves. Grabbing the nearest item to them which is just a pile of sharp jagged stones. They prepare to  fight for  their lives. The lion ROARS with such force that it pushes the survivors back and off their feet.  Disorientated they rise and collect themselves and notice that Jane has been dragged by the lion and it holds her in it’s grasp. The other suvivors approach with caution two to the left and two on the right. The lion is not happy by this an lets out another mighty ROAR causing the others to halt.  Jane sees his opening and jams her jagged stone into the lions ribs. The lion launches Jane and the other suvivors close in. The Lion enraged, swings attacking and hitting Fingal, knocking him back several spaces. Jane Taunts the lion to try and draws it’s attention. Realizing the lion has taken the bait Jane begins to run in fear and actually kites the Lion around the board. This allos the survivors to plan and begin to again close in on the beast. The Lion exhausted takes a moment to regain his energy. This is the moment the other strike.  Henry  Strikes out causing a brutal injury cutting the ear clean from the lion reducing it’s Accuracy. The monster displeased and tries to move away but unfortunately not far enough.  Next comes a Blow from  Alf who manages to sever the back leg muscle of the lion as it tries running away. The Beast lashes back but to no success. In swings Leela with her sharp rock landing a critical hit to the beast’s bottom jaw ripping it clean off causing the Lion to vomit blood and bile.  Not much left the lion takes wild flailing slashes at the suvivors and connects with Jane but the damage is only minimal and the suvivors pile in. Henry runs in sliding low,  landing a savage critical hit to the under belly of the beast which begins  the guts of the beast spilling all over the floor. The beast can barely stand without tripping over it’s own intestines or slipping in its own vomit. The beast powers on with a gargled roar determined not to be taken down by these pink huminoids. Jane seeing the beast is done for takes her chance knowing it is now or never, flies at the monster in a blind range stabbing and hacking. This is where a lucky critical blow connects with the beast pearcing its eye and into the brain and the beast falls with what sounds like a weeping gargle. *The Players yell and rejoice.*

Panting with exhaustion the survivors scream in joy that they are still alive, All of them.  Henry & Alf harvest what they can from the the great white lion and the party start to wander in the dark. They are drawn to a blooming light in the distance. As they approach they notice a tower of lanterns creating a beautiful glow in the darkness and they feel a tranquility. Huddled around lanterns are 6 other survivors. With this the party realise they have some hope of survival and begin to set u a small settlement in what to them feels like a safe place surrounding the mound of lanterns. They decide a leader is needed and nominate Fingal as the village Elder and begin to build a settlement. Knowing that sharp rocks and loin cloths are not ideal for hunting or defending the themselves the first buildings after sleeping quarters to be built is the skinnery, organ grinder and Bone smith to allow the creation of new weapons, clothing and items. With that they prep themselves for the hunt ahead with some minor equipment made from the skin,bones and organs of the fallen lion. They must venture out and hunt more to maintain the village or they will surley Perish. What awaits Jane, Henry, Leela and Alf as they take Fledgling Brimble out on the hunt for survival, Leaving Fingal to ponder the meaning of life and take care of the Village.





Author: Jason Wilson