Star Wars Legion Clone Wars


Star Wars Legion Clone Wars

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Star Wars Legion Clone Wars


This is the two player core box. The core box contains everything needed for star wars fans to get started playing Star Wars Legion.


This set contains General Obi-wan Kenobi and the Clone troopers who fight to defeat the Infamous General Grevious and his army of Droidikas.


you can find more information by watching this video from Fantasy Flight Games. Star Wars Legion Fantasy Flight Trailer

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Star Wars Legion Clone Wars

Box Contents

39 unpainted and highly detailed miniatures give you the building blocks you need to begin assembling your Galactic Republic or Separatist Alliance armies.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous each pose with light sabres at the ready, prepared to lead their troops into battle and show off their skills in combat. Both these miniatures are exclusive to the Clone Wars Core Set.

Two squads of Phase I Clone Troops enter the fight to preserve the Republic. Five carry the DC-15A blaster rifle while two heavy weapons specialists add extra firepower with a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon and a DC-15 blaster rifle modified to fire from long range.

A BARC Speeder miniature gives your Clone Troopers some much-needed speed as they look to out-maneuver the Separatist’s battle droids and can be assembled with or without its sidecar. Those who include the sidecar can further customise their speeder with a twin laser gunner, an RPS-6 gunner, or an ion gunner.

Two squads of B1 Battle Droids are ready to crush any resistance with sheer weight of numbers. Seven are armed with E-5 blaster rifles, while two heavy weapons specialists bring either an E-5C blaster rifle or an E-60R missile launcher.

One unit of two Droidekas is ready to speed into battle in wheel mode. Once there, the wheel mode miniatures can be replaced by two Droideka miniatures ready to lay down heavy fire on targets the B1 Battle Droids cannot take care of.


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